About me

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I first picked up a guitar aged 12 and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

Coming from a background where my Dad was an Arranger, Conductor of West End shows and a Jazz musician, music was just something I grew up with around the house.

I have been a guitar teacher for a number of years now. Since moving to Lewes I have built up a great bunch of students of all ages from 10-70. I find teaching truly rewarding and really enjoy passing on all I’ve learnt over the years about music and performing.

As a 17 year old guitarist in my first band, seminal Camden Town band Sore Throat, I recorded my first album in Studio 2 Abbey Road. We played and toured with The Stranglers, Madness, The Pretenders and The Jam to name but a few. My next band Way of the West had hit records including ‘Don’t Say it’s Just for White Boys’ which topped the US dance charts. I then joined The Mystics as a bass player with Sam Williams (latterly Supergrass producer). I’ve toured worldwide and jammed with Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Eric Clapton.

I then turned to co-writing and production. At the age of 25 my first production was for Louise Goffin (Carole King and Gerry Goffin’s daughter), recorded on David Gilmour’s (Pink Floyd) boat The Astoria where I had the luxury of using musicians such as Paul Wix Wickens (Paul McCartney Band), Margot Buchanan (renowned backing vocalist) and Robbie McIntosh (The Pretenders, Paul McCartney Band and John Mayer). Countless other productions, co-writes (including Guy Chambers) and musical adventures have followed including Mel Gibson’s use of my production/composition of Harm’s Way which he used in his film The Passion of Christ. I work with and have access to many high calibre musicians and backing singers who regularly work with high profile artists such as Jeff Beck and Paul McCartney.


Here’s a Daily Telegraph article I contributed to about Burt Weedon who wrote the iconic guitar teaching manual from yesteryear…