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“My son was just about to give up his guitar lessons when I heard about Reid – I asked Archie to try with a lesson with him before giving up. Straight away Archie got a new love for the guitar and a growing confidence in his ability. He has had weekly lessons with Reid for the last 6 years, and is now in a band with a recording contract and off to music college. I am so grateful that we found Reid, he has been a fantastic teacher, mentor and support for Archie” Sarah Carron

“Thank you so much for your inspiration and passion for music” Heleen Willems

“We really appreciate all the encouragement you give to Joe. He is so much happier with you as his guitar teacher” Susanna Lunn

“Reid is a guitar teacher who not only inspires with his own skill and his mastery of a huge range of styles and techniques, but most of all his ability to present these to his students in an accessible and motivational way. If he can remain undaunted when faced with a curmudgeonly old strummer like me, who has spent more than 50 years developing bad playing habits, I believe Reid can help anyone to improve their playing. Every lesson is a social event with a mixture of challenge, fun and a reassuring sense of accomplishment” Bill Elmes

“Sam is a teenager who NEVER gets up in the morning but who will jump out of bed for his guitar lessons. Reid is an inspiring, knowledgable teacher who makes his lessons a real pleasure” Sam’s Mum

“Since starting lessons with Reid I feel I have come on massively. The best part of my week is the day when I know I have my lesson with him. A great teacher in a range of instruments and a true inspiration to all he teaches. Reid is truly the best” Mal

“Judging by my son’s amazing progress, increased confidence and eclectic playlist, there’s no doubt that Reid is a skilled and much loved teacher. The fact that he is also able to teach theory in a fun, engaging and memorable way is a boon. I couldn’t recommend him more highly” Nimmy March

“Have been learning bass guitar with Reid for about two years – brilliant – teaches you just what you want to know, then little explanations creep in, and hey! I’m learning theory and I didn’t even know it!” Steve Myles

“Reid is a calm, patient teacher with an encyclopaedic knowledge of music. I look forward to my lesson all week, and I’m really happy with the results so far” Zeb Lamb

“Reid is a fantastic teacher. I had my first lesson with him 10 weeks ago and he has already taught me so much. Reid has so much patience and is so easy going. Just fantastic. Couldn’t ask for a better teacher” Dave Haslam

“Knowledge, experience, great skill, patience and a love of playing and sharing. What more could you want in a teacher?” Victoria Willing


“Reid Savage’s productions are touched by magic. A cerebral master musician, he constructs arrangements in his head before a note has even been played but knows how to seek out accidents and inspiration in performance. Truly brilliant.” – Neil McCormick Daily – Telegraph Music Columnist