What I offer

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I offer fun, inspiring, lessons in Acoustic, Electric and Bass guitar.

I also offer SKYPE lessons. Call me to chat over what you are looking for. 07760 441 458.

I believe that everyone, whatever age and whatever level, wants to play the tunes they like from the start off. So I tailor my lessons to teach the kind of music that my students want to play. They let me know what they would like to learn and the next week that is what we do. This week for instance I’ve taught Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley, a stinging George Harrison solo from Hey Bulldog and Scarborough Fair by Paul Simon and Eric Clapton’s Strange Brew solo.

Visit this link for an interview I did for The Daily Telegraph on Eric Clapton…


Everyone can get a tune out of a guitar and I make sure that is what happens at whatever stage someone is at. That is the exciting pay off. That is what making music is all about.

Using my extensive mix of experience in performing, producing and teaching I offer a vibrant, inspiring and non stuffy way of learning how to make music.

I offer coaching for guitar exams up to grade 8. Thinking of applying to music college? – that’s great – I’ve helped many of my pupils achieve their musical aims. Archie has just found out he has a place in September at Brighton Institute of Music (BIMM).


Member of Registry of Guitar Teachers




I also teach Keyboards from beginner to advanced level. Just like with the Guitar you can learn whatever you want to learn on Keyboards. Just tell me what the tunes you’ve always wanted to learn and I’ll get you playing them.



Want to make a demo of a song you’ve written or co-write with me? As a Producer, Song Writer, Studio Session Musician and Arranger with a wealth of knowledge and experience in all genres of popular music, I offer recording and production services. I know both big budget projects – arranging strings in Abbey Road through to recording and mixing an EP of 4 songs in a weekend in a garage. Have a read of the About Me page to see my background in production.

So if you have a fully written piece or even something on a scrap of paper that you want to develop we can do it. Let me know and we can chat over what you want to achieve.


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REID SAVAGE: 07760 441 458

EMAIL: reid.savage@hotmail.com